Why I chose Riley & Nick as Vote for the Girls picks

As the moderator finished making their picks on American Idol, Kellie and I have faced criticism over two male contestant on a site normally promoting votes for the ladies.

Two of my picks–Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani–both male soloists were chosen in addition to the other ladies that will be competing to get the Vote for the Girls Victory.

Clearly a lot of reaction on Twitter On Twitter, one viewer wrote, “Unbelievable! I’ve been a long-time supporter of Vote for the Girls, but this is completely unacceptable to me.”

I didn’t expect that kind of criticism on Vote for the Girls as I earned the ire of long-time supporters of Vote for the Girls after the webmaster Ava Zinn, deciding to allow Mr. Bria and Mr. Fradiani as Vote for the Girls pick.

I’m sure that viewers have been left shocked by the decision to allow Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani as a Vote for the Girls pick based on two factors.

VFTG Boss Ava said of the decision to add the two males into the mix of Vote for the Girls picks came down to based on Riley Bria’s vocals and appearance (after a similar decision from the UK Version of The Voice last year) and down to Nick Fradiani’s audition as his girlfriend known as Yanni G were pretty much close enough to an Alex & Sierra pick on American Idol.

“At the end of the day, I have to judge and decide based on this one audition that I’ve seen and not what’s been in the past, or what my expectations are… But I am making the picks, and I know in my heart, my picks are Alexis Gomez, Joey Cook, Katherine Winston, Jackie “JAX” Cole, Loren Lott, Maddie Walker, Riley Bria, Nick Fradiani (& Ariana Gavrilis), Sarina-Joi Crowe with Lovey (James) and Adanna (Duru) as my Best of Worst”

After I made the final decision, viewers took to Twitter to blast Holly and pretty much Ava (for approving the picks), with one writing, “Totally disgusted with holly choosing riley and nick as #VFTG_USA picks…

And one more irate viewer remarked, “#VFTG_USA Holly bad fucking call you chose #Nick and #Riley. Both of them are boys? Judging On Auditions #HollyEveman. You have To Go.”

However, one viewer leaps to my defense and tweeted, “Don’t have a go at Holly Everman. The public thought Ava auctioning off her virginity and Kymberly buying it was just as bad…

I am pretty sure that Ava will write on the Vote for the Girls web site about the decision to add Riley and Nick as Vote for the Girls picks.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one facing criticism. Kellie Rock, Tracia Ward, and Lanise White are the on the Pink Team (all female moderators who were born girls) of Vote for the Girls and because my pick of Alfonso & Witney won, we got to choose Riley Bria as a VFTG pick. The Purple Team consists of four transwomen (Ava Zinn, Julia Passalt, Rhonda Rhodes, and Kendra Ray) and one woman–Kymberly Alvaraz.

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Holly’s Reaction to Ava Zinn’s Virginity Auction Announcment

Ava Zinn

As many of my friends from Muncie Central and Ava’s long-time friends know now about Ava Zinn’s decision to auction off her virginity as a male. Within a week, the decision literally blew up Vote for the Girls after my DUI arrest and getting shoved to the floor by a black woman named Khayla (Kayla with h silent.) It was a few weeks that Ava had threatened to do a porn site called “FILF AVA” (aka Ava Zinn is a Father I’d Love to Fuck) and auction off her virginity, the latter of which Ava said would happen if all available female contestants on American Idol were eliminated or in danger of being eliminated.

After hearing Jessica landed in the bottom two for the first time and when Ava addressed Kellie (Rock), Kathi (Jameson), and myself, I knew I saw something in Ava I hadn’t seen in 15 years — a sign of desperation and what I think Rush Limbaugh’s FemiNazi quote and Glenn Beck call Vote for the Girls “New Afghanistan”

From reading Ava’s tweets below, I already knew what the shocking announcement was…

Then Ava’s Announcement that she was selling her virginity as a Vote for the Girls Punishment.

After the announcement, I had a feeling that I wasn’t surprised that as I have known Ava Zinn longer than anyone. As a woman now 34 years old from the 10th largest city in Indiana (Muncie), watching that announcement made me realize there’s a major male demon in Ava that she wants to get rid of before her gender transition is final. What I think a few of Ava’s friends didn’t realize is that only one of Ava’s male friends has truly seen her nude as a male, yet that was some 15, 16, 17 years ago–Ava’s gonna correct me if I’m mistaken.

I commented on the Facebook profile of Allison Abercrombie, a friend of mine from Muncie while I was on my way to Marion from Castleton, and I after hearing from Ava that she had to deactivate her Facebook as a sign of walking away. For me, it felt unreal and surreal.

There’s pretty much nothing anyone (Ava’s friends, my friends, etc) can do at this point besides accepting this #VotefortheGirls#PunishmentForFailure

Ava posted this on her Facebook (and before she deactivated her account) right before she made the announcement Friday

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and support over the five years on Facebook and 20 plus years I’ve been friends with a majority–especially Holly Everman Willis, Alec Dailey, Karly Cope, Elaine Ellis, Ramona Reed Tyler, Ashley Dawson, Wendy Becker Simpkins, Telissa Hunt, Justin Planck, Veronica Schmerber, and Kayla Battishill,

Though many long-time friends will be critical of what I will announce on YouTube Friday, I know the true meaning of friendship lies in the heart and being loyal. Since 1994, a dark secret desire of mine was hidden of what eventually lead to this ongoing gender transition (and since the transition began 10 years ago this December, I’ve been more successful as a woman) and a clear evidence is Vote for the Girls USA which has had success last year. Before I came out as #MtF in 2003 Megan Stone and Blake Pattison were the last individuals ever to see me as a male (as far as living as a male) and today had I not came out back then I would have taken my own life.

I am so much more than what you hear or see on Vote for the Girls and online (of which I often curse, occasionally bullying, telling those who to vote for) – it’s about being passionate, it’s about fulfilling a goal, it’s about fulfilling an obligation.

Everyone that I have met over the years have proven that to me since my kindergarten year over a quarter-century ago. Thank you for the support over the years allowing me to be far more successful as a woman

Whatever the consequences and repercussions of what I announce on YouTube Friday, I will always become a woman of my word and remain hopeful the best is still yet to come. Thank you all so much for your understanding!


I am not at all surprised unlike many of Ava’s friends that I’ve met over the years I’ve been friends with Ava and I’ve met a few since I went to Muncie Central and Ava went to Mississinewa. I do remember the first time Ava ever visited me in Muncie back in 1999, Ava was wearing a grey sweater and black leggings (which kinda indicated to me at the time I really had no idea)  when her mother, Margaret, was at Ball Memorial Hospital. I was a sophomore at Ball State while Ava was a junior at Missisisnewa High School. I was 19 that had just broke up with my first boyfriend after 8 years and Ava was a 16 year old boy dating my 20 year old sister, Elisa, and they were expecting what eventually became my pet niece 15 years later (Tiffani).  At that point for me, I started to realize Ava and Elisa were basically on the rocks. My late brother, Garfield, both my sisters, Elisa and Lynsey, another close friend of mine and Ava’s (Robyn–the oldest of the group) and I went to what was Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurant one night in October 1999–I had asked them to keep a secret until I told my parents myself. I really no idea at that time, from what Ava told me that night of what her words “Muncie Mob” meant. It wasn’t until when I learned about the death of Margaret and really shocked that Ava was “passed over” (until Ava’s brother killed himself three months to the day of Margaret’s death) because Margaret believed in 1999, that Ava would “fuck things up” and I knew every time Ava was telling the truth when Margaret accused Ava of something she didn’t do. What I did not realize back then was that I saw signs Ava really failed as a male over the next several years and at the conclusion of my sophomore year at Ball State in 2000, I came out as a bisexual to my parents, and they would eventually understand some years later after I met my future wife Veroncia a year before Ava came out as a transgender female.

What I think Ava Zinn will gain from this (other than being called a prostitute, spending time in jail, or paying a fine–the latter of the two is what she’s always trying to avoid) will pretty much have her reputation get hit, if her reputation hasn’t already been declined since her fateful prom night back in 2001.

What I think many, if not all of Ava’s friends have to remember (and I said this on Facebook), her decision to auction her virginity may be 20 years in the making. It’s not like Ava’s going into the sex industry, but for her it is something she’s doing as a last resort after years of what she says has to failure and pretty much is seeking revenge for let’s say elimination of Pia Toscano, Angie Miller, Malaya Watson on American Idol.


After learning Jess was in the bottom 2 again..

Now what? Kellie Rock, one of my colleagues on Vote for the Girls USA commented: If I were Ava’s position, I think Ava should have made a Hell of a better decision that doing this virginity auction over American Idol.

I mean, I’ve never seen Ava drop that low ever. I mean Ava even told me she’s been through two sexual assaults both as a male (in July 2002) and as a female (in June 2010). You probably didn’t know both her assailants were both BLACK MEN.

Holly, that was the reason Khayla (Chow), a Black woman shoved you, a white woman got into that clash a few weeks ago.

I spoke to Ava in person tonight, she has been kinda busy with Vote for the Girls (behind the scenes), yet don’t be surprised if you see Ava on the Vote for the Girls episodes on the YouTube channel in pretty much her dark side (worst case scenario, it’ll be Ava wearing a bra in her 36 AA breasts). She’s pretty much turned VFTG into “The Morton Downey Jr Show” if you remember that particular program back in the day.”

For the most part, Kellie does raise a good point. Ava has been sexually assaulted twice in her life and both her assailants pretty much fondled Ava inappropriately, and worst case scenario, I think there is a theory why Ava never has been in a relationship with males and the reason people call Ava Zinn a Man-Hater.

What the important thing that I think all of Ava’s friends have to understand is that she didn’t commit suicide, but has came close on seven occasions. She has been through years of bad luck and last year she pretty much bounced back in 2013, of which turned out to be her perfect year. The last time that happened was 1995.

If being friends with Ava for 24 years now do indicate one thing, when Ava has a perfect year like in 1995 and 2013, the following year tuns real bad. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this virginity auction of Ava Zinn’s all this pays out. Not to be a gossip queen, ladies and gentleMAN, I think it will be 2016 once Ava truly bounces back and lucky if she avoids jail time or pay a fine once this is all over. But if she does end up in jail, which I think if Ava plays her cards right, and doesn’t go to jail since it would be the first time in Ava’s life she’d be in jail.

As I close I did notice the date of the virginity auction announcement was April 18, 2014–it’s exactly 18 years to the day that many of Ava’s friends (that have since unfriended Ava on Facebook) said back in 1996 she should have been expelled for breaking a classroom window that happened on April 18, 1996. Yet, a majority stuck with Ava though that and I think that Ava may gain new friends in a few years if and when she does relocate to Indianapolis with some of Ava’s long-time friends deciding to end the friendship altogether. I do expect at Ava have least 20 unfriends when she does reactivate on Facebook. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ava make some close friend changes, yet Ava did say that she’s a woman of her word and invite Alec (Dailey) and Justin (Planck)–they’re the only remaining males that are Ava’s 12 closest friends while the remainder of the close friends (including myself) are all female, and Ava has invited Telissa (Hunt) and Veronica (Schmerber) to Ava’s wedding (if and when that happens.) Now with the announcement of Ava auctioning her virginity as a male, this is going to be interesting on how all this plays out since Ava’s virginity auction, according to the virginity auction site, also includes what Ava defines as the start of a Long Term Relationship and leading to marriage between a transgender woman and a biological woman–to put it more bluntly that would potentially be Indiana’s very first unofficial same sex marriage.

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She’s Getting Married & They Haven’t Even Met Yet?

When I watched this on “Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers” recently, all I could think of was my good friend, Aeverine Zinn. The transwoman named Erika, apparently desperate to seek love in the video.

Just today, which happens to be 11 years to the day Aeverine’s prom date only showed up for 50 minutes and watching the LifeChangers” episode made me realize that Erika has a lot in common with Aeverine ZInn.

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What’s Professionally Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?

The last time I saw my good friend, Aeverine Zinn, endured her lowest ratings (at least professionally), was 20 years ago.

I had read on her web site that she had been slammed at Carey Services for taking a photograph on her own cell phone to what she said was a “Caught In The Act” post (which she mentioned on a YouTube video) that would never be posted. I mean, come on, Ava, you’ve had enough problems that began ten years ago when she took Brittani to her senior prom (and we all know how that went disastrous.) Isn’t it time that someone stand up and say, “Ava has been through enough! NO MORE BULLYING!”

As one of Aeverine’s good friends for over 20 years, I had never seen someone in my life that looked defeated (and this is coming from a woman 30 years of age watching a 28 year old transwoman) falling into a professional gutter. I knew Ava had problems at home, but from what I saw when Ava was taping her video statement, I saw a transgendered lady that is in very deep trouble both personally and professionally. She wore a yellow blouse (at least on-camera) of mine that mentioned something I would wear.

I have also voted in Ava’s poll, What’s Wrong with Jessica’s Policy?, in case you did not wonder why the name Jessica’s policy is is named after someone that Ava went to school with that has been under heavy fire. I have to agree with is a good policy for Ava to have, but there are some tactics when Ava tries to date someone that I find very odd – being persistent and hard-hitting, Ava declaring single makes her look like a jackass. There is one thing I have to agree with Ava on is that Brittani (Gerstorff) and Christy (Johnson) are examples of what Ava calls “How NOT to be Ava’s girlfriend” (juicy indeed.)

After I saw Ava on video, I saw something that I have waited over two decades from Ava to hear. She did admit to being a victim of bullying and thanked someone for blowing the whistle, and a whole lot more.

Is this a sign of better things for Ava or is Ava really beyond repair (according to a conversation I overheard from Ava with someone near downtown Marion yesterday)?

Call it one of Ava’s Very Dirty Secrets that wasn’t supposed to be exposed. I’m sure there are a lot more of them.
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