What’s Professionally Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?

The last time I saw my good friend, Aeverine Zinn, endured her lowest ratings (at least professionally), was 20 years ago.

I had read on her web site that she had been slammed at Carey Services for taking a photograph on her own cell phone to what she said was a “Caught In The Act” post (which she mentioned on a YouTube video) that would never be posted. I mean, come on, Ava, you’ve had enough problems that began ten years ago when she took Brittani to her senior prom (and we all know how that went disastrous.) Isn’t it time that someone stand up and say, “Ava has been through enough! NO MORE BULLYING!”

As one of Aeverine’s good friends for over 20 years, I had never seen someone in my life that looked defeated (and this is coming from a woman 30 years of age watching a 28 year old transwoman) falling into a professional gutter. I knew Ava had problems at home, but from what I saw when Ava was taping her video statement, I saw a transgendered lady that is in very deep trouble both personally and professionally. She wore a yellow blouse (at least on-camera) of mine that mentioned something I would wear.

I have also voted in Ava’s poll, What’s Wrong with Jessica’s Policy?, in case you did not wonder why the name Jessica’s policy is is named after someone that Ava went to school with that has been under heavy fire. I have to agree with is a good policy for Ava to have, but there are some tactics when Ava tries to date someone that I find very odd – being persistent and hard-hitting, Ava declaring single makes her look like a jackass. There is one thing I have to agree with Ava on is that Brittani (Gerstorff) and Christy (Johnson) are examples of what Ava calls “How NOT to be Ava’s girlfriend” (juicy indeed.)

After I saw Ava on video, I saw something that I have waited over two decades from Ava to hear. She did admit to being a victim of bullying and thanked someone for blowing the whistle, and a whole lot more.

Is this a sign of better things for Ava or is Ava really beyond repair (according to a conversation I overheard from Ava with someone near downtown Marion yesterday)?

Call it one of Ava’s Very Dirty Secrets that wasn’t supposed to be exposed. I’m sure there are a lot more of them.
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3 Responses to What’s Professionally Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?

  1. Holly Everman says:

    What do you think is wrong with Aeverine Zinn?

  2. Ava Zinn says:

    The post from Holly raises a good point.

  3. Robyn Hurd-Matthewson says:

    Good post, Holly!

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