Why I chose Riley & Nick as Vote for the Girls picks

As the moderator finished making their picks on American Idol, Kellie and I have faced criticism over two male contestant on a site normally promoting votes for the ladies.

Two of my picks–Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani–both male soloists were chosen in addition to the other ladies that will be competing to get the Vote for the Girls Victory.

Clearly a lot of reaction on Twitter On Twitter, one viewer wrote, “Unbelievable! I’ve been a long-time supporter of Vote for the Girls, but this is completely unacceptable to me.”

I didn’t expect that kind of criticism on Vote for the Girls as I earned the ire of long-time supporters of Vote for the Girls after the webmaster Ava Zinn, deciding to allow Mr. Bria and Mr. Fradiani as Vote for the Girls pick.

I’m sure that viewers have been left shocked by the decision to allow Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani as a Vote for the Girls pick based on two factors.

VFTG Boss Ava said of the decision to add the two males into the mix of Vote for the Girls picks came down to based on Riley Bria’s vocals and appearance (after a similar decision from the UK Version of The Voice last year) and down to Nick Fradiani’s audition as his girlfriend known as Yanni G were pretty much close enough to an Alex & Sierra pick on American Idol.

“At the end of the day, I have to judge and decide based on this one audition that I’ve seen and not what’s been in the past, or what my expectations are… But I am making the picks, and I know in my heart, my picks are Alexis Gomez, Joey Cook, Katherine Winston, Jackie “JAX” Cole, Loren Lott, Maddie Walker, Riley Bria, Nick Fradiani (& Ariana Gavrilis), Sarina-Joi Crowe with Lovey (James) and Adanna (Duru) as my Best of Worst”

After I made the final decision, viewers took to Twitter to blast Holly and pretty much Ava (for approving the picks), with one writing, “Totally disgusted with holly choosing riley and nick as #VFTG_USA picks…

And one more irate viewer remarked, “#VFTG_USA Holly bad fucking call you chose #Nick and #Riley. Both of them are boys? Judging On Auditions #HollyEveman. You have To Go.”

However, one viewer leaps to my defense and tweeted, “Don’t have a go at Holly Everman. The public thought Ava auctioning off her virginity and Kymberly buying it was just as bad…

I am pretty sure that Ava will write on the Vote for the Girls web site about the decision to add Riley and Nick as Vote for the Girls picks.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one facing criticism. Kellie Rock, Tracia Ward, and Lanise White are the on the Pink Team (all female moderators who were born girls) of Vote for the Girls and because my pick of Alfonso & Witney won, we got to choose Riley Bria as a VFTG pick. The Purple Team consists of four transwomen (Ava Zinn, Julia Passalt, Rhonda Rhodes, and Kendra Ray) and one woman–Kymberly Alvaraz.

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