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Why I chose Riley & Nick as Vote for the Girls picks

As the moderator finished making their picks on American Idol, Kellie and I have faced criticism over two male contestant on a site normally promoting votes for the ladies. Two of my picks–Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani–both male soloists were … Continue reading

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Holly’s Reaction to Ava Zinn’s Virginity Auction Announcment

As many of my friends from Muncie Central and Ava’s long-time friends know now about Ava Zinn’s decision to auction off her virginity as a male. Within a week, the decision literally blew up Vote for the Girls after my … Continue reading

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She’s Getting Married & They Haven’t Even Met Yet?

via When I watched this on “Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers” recently, all I could think of was my good friend, Aeverine Zinn. The transwoman named Erika, apparently desperate to seek love in the video. Just today, which happens to be 11 years to… Continue reading

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What’s Professionally Wrong with Aeverine Zinn?

The last time I saw my good friend, Aeverine Zinn, endured her lowest ratings (at least professionally), was 20 years ago. I had read on her web site that she had been slammed at Carey Services for taking a photograph on her own cell phone to what… Continue reading

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